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Bonjour mon amie,

Are you ready to remove your invisibility cloak and become the beautiful and confident woman you are meant to be?

The French Chic Academy is an extensive online program that helps transform women, their style and their lives, from the inside out and outside in.

Have you read all the books and magazine articles on "French Chic" or "Chic" but still look frumpy from dawn till dusk? It might be because you were shown photos of outfits without explanation on how it all works. You were left with no clue on how to make it work for you.

This is why you will find this program revolutionary.
Not only will it teach you all about the authentic French Chic style but also the right mindset to go with it. We will work inside out and outside in. Not only will you look beautiful but you will feel beautiful as well. You can't have one without the other.

The French Chic Academy will teach you how to:
 - THINK like a chic French woman
 - SHOP like a chic French woman
 - DRESS like a chic French woman.

Today is the day to connect with the vision of the new chic You.

Students Say

“​Marie-Anne Lecoeur, you are truly the mentor I have been seeking for so long. I have read and studied much information over the years, and could not understand why so much of the advice in books and online, did not work for me. Already, I see, as you've said, that French Chic means so much more than wearing the right dress for your figure... Marie-Anne, I really, truly, honestly (really!) cannot believe what a difference these simple changes have made to the way I look and feel, in clothing I already owned... ​I have a new found confidence in my style choices too, as I see that I have known all along what was right for me in many respects. I just did not know how to fine tune my style for my shape, height and age. You've helped me so much already. Thank you.”

Suzy Freeme

Here are the courses and bonuses (Masterclasses & Ebooks) that are included in the FCA 2.0

Students Say

  • ​"By enrolling In the French Chic Academy, you'll learn how to optimize your looks for your body shape and dress well. You'll also have a solid foundation to improve your style keeping it simple, with quality and using less, saving yourself time and money". - R. W.

  • "Marie-Anne Lecoeur is the most generous and kindhearted woman ​I've ever had the pleasure of meeting". - Alexandra Aarness

  • "The materials are just great and so detailed." - G. B.

  • ​"Giving us outfit ideas is great so keep them coming. Thank you Marie-Anne." - Lisa

  • "You are teaching us that being chic and elegant goes beyond what we wear." - Alexandra Aarness

  • "The FCA has given me confidence and a set of principles to follow and friends and family are noticing." - Lisa

  • "I've rediscovered my femininity and it's a good feeling." - Suzy Freeme


  • What kind of Academy is the French Chic Academy?

    The F.C.A. is an informal self-study program. It consists of ecourses comprising ebooks, videos, audios, work sheets and other materials on style (French Chic). You will also find courses on mindset (self-confidence, body acceptance, self-love...). Each ecourse is designed to take you a fortnight to complete thoroughly and to give you a full and complete understanding of authentic French chic from the perspective of a real French woman. ​ The French Chic Academy 2.0 is a new, leaner, more affordable version of the FCA.

  • Will I get access to all the content immediately?

    Yes, you will get full access to the content immediately. There is a 12-week Curriculum, with live weekly calls in our Facebook private group.

  • I am rather shy and don't wish to take part in the Facebook Community. Can I still enrol in the Academy?

    Of course you can! There is no obligation to join our private Facebook community. However, I actively encourage it. You are more likely to succeed by joining the live calls or replays, and will have a lot more fun, by posting your questions and aha moments online. The group is very friendly and supportive.

  • I don't have much time to study. What can I do?

    It’s okay. Time is not an issue. You can go through the courses and material at your own pace. It is highly encouraged that you take time to do all the exercises given in the courses. You have lifetime access after all. ​

  • What is this Academy is not for me? Will I get my money back?

    If, within 30 days of purchase, you no longer want this high level of Chic, contact me and we can talk it through. ​You will need to show me that you studied the material you had access to and completed the exercises therein, for a full refund. Once a refund has been given, you will no longer have access to the Academy, its Library, courses & programs, ebooks and Facebook Community.

  • I can't afford it!

    I fully understand. You have many calls on your hard earned cash and this course is a considerable investment. However, 87% of people taking my individual courses tell me that the course they took paid for itself very quickly - in some cases as soon as their very next style purchase. And for those in the remaining 13% it turned out that they had not yet applied the principles in the course. It is no different for the French Chic Academy, although it may take just a little longer than for an individual course. Once you start, you will be amazed by the changes in your life. I always say that authentic French Chic, as I teach it, helps you in two ways - from the outside in, by better style you feel more confident and from the inside out, with increased confidence comes better style and life choices. It is an amazing positive reinforcement cycle that you can not afford to miss out on. Choices that change you from the inside out are always the most profound. I don't want to leave you with the hackneyed expression "can you afford not to buy this course", although I believe it to be true. What I will urge you to do, is to make the best investment choice you can: invest in you and you will see the results for yourself. As this newer version of the Academy is leaner, I made it more affordable for students. You pay one low $997 up-front fee for an extensive program containing over $2,000 worth of ecourses that could easily sell for 5 times that amount! All my students agree, this is money very well spent.

Students say

“Marie-Anne Lecoeur you are amazing! You are doing a great job with the Academy! I was hesitant to spend the money to join, but am so glad that I did! I am thankful to have the opportunity. This has been so good for me, and helps me to think differently. Just wanted you to know. Your classes, videos etc are great and very helpful. ​Seeing examples, and your videos make it easier for me to understand the concepts.”

Brenda Van Valen


Marie-Anne Lecoeur

The French Chic Expert and Amazon Best-Selling AUTHOR, FOUNDER of The French Chic Academy and CREATOR of EAT Like a French Woman Program

Your 12 Week Curriculum

Week 1
Learn about the principles of  French Chic, your body shape. Discover Style Journaling, the most effective style technique I developed and now teach.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
The Principles of French Chic.
Apple Body Shape.
Hourglass Body Shape.
Inverted Triangle Body Shape.
Pear Body Shape.
Rectangle Body Shape.
Style Journal.
Week 2
Discover how to dress for your size Petite, Plus Size and more.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
French Chic Petite.
French Chic Plus Size.
Week 3
Find out how to address specific body areas such as minimising a big tummy or bust, or creating longer legs.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
Minimise a Big Tummy.
Minimise a Big Bust.
Longer Legs.

Week 4
Free work, 1 LIVE Q&A session to assimilate
Free Work
Week 5
Real transformational work - getting rid of deep seated excuses and decluttering.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
The Excuse Blaster Challenge.
The Tidy Closet.
Week 6
Learn about how to use colours and prints.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
Wear Colours Like a French Woman.
Wear Prints Like a French Woman.

Week 7
Find out more about how to dress younger and thinner.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
Look 10 Years Younger.
Dress 10 Lbs Thinner.
Week 8
Free work, 1 LIVE Q&A session to assimilate
Free Work
Week 9
Discover true French Women's secrets by learning how to shop, dress classically and how to avoid being Frumpy.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
Shop Like A Chic French Woman.
A Touch of Class-ic.
From Frumpy To Chic.
Week 10
Learn how to use what you know to dress for work and for casual occasions.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
Business Formal.
Business Smart.
Business Casual.
Week 11
Find out about being authentically you, your inner style and building self-confidence.
Exercises to help embed these principles in your Style habits.
Authentically You.
(In the FCA Library)
Week 12
Final thoughts and 1 LIVE Q&A session
Testimonial Form