Course curriculum

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    • Information Sheet

    • Keeping a Style Journal

  • 2

    Masterclass 21 January 2021

    • LIVE MASTERCLASS - Information

    • Longer Legs Masterclass Part 1 - Introduction and Footwear

    • Longer Legs Masterclass Part 2 - Trousers, Waist, Prints & Maximising Length

    • Longer Legs Masterclass Part 3 - Skirts, Comparison, Summary, Questions, Conclusion

  • 3

    Longer Legs - Ecourse Modules

    • Introduction

    • Module 1 - Footwear

    • Module 2 - Trousers

    • Module 3 - Skirts

    • What Not To Wear

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    • Student Survey

    • A Little Review Goes a Long Way...


  • I don’t have time to study. What can I do?

    You get lifetime access, so you can take this course at your own pace and work as fast or as slow as you wish. You can pause the recording and take your time.

  • What if I’m not on Facebook?

    The Class will be given live in our private Pop-Up group on Facebook. If you are not on Facebook, you will still be able to watch the recording of this Class after it is uploaded to the course alongside any other material in this program.

  • What if this ecourse is not for me? Will I get my money back?

    Sometimes, after purchasing something, you think it isn't for you. That is perfectly fine. I take all requests for refunds very seriously. Please do contact me to discuss it.  As in all things however, there has to be a time limit, so no refunds will be offered if you have not made an initial refund request within 30 days of purchasing the course.


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