How to Dress Well For Your Rectangle Body Shape

To choose outfits that look good on you, you must take your body shape into account:

This is the FOUNDATION of great style.

My clients who enrol in these body shape ecourses are amazed at the transformations they achieve.

They improve their style, FAST, by coming to terms with certain basic principles of which they were not even aware.

They are investing in themselves and reap the style benefits. Their style now stands out for all the right reasons.

With this foundation course, you will be able to embrace French Chic and dress well.

French women are taught much of these principles from childhood. In this way, everything we buy helps us look effortlessly chic.

Here, straight from the French Chic Academy, this Rectangle Shape ecourse  will give you the essential foundation that you desperately need to dress for your Rectangle body shape.

What's Included?

21 Videos
3 Texts
2 PDFs
1 Audio
Marie-Anne Lecoeur
Marie-Anne Lecoeur
Amazon Best-Selling AUTHOR, FOUNDER of The French Chic Academy and CREATOR of EAT Like a French Woman Program

About the instructor

My name is Marie-Anne Lecoeur and I want to help you improve your style via French Chic.

I love helping women just like you discover the style secrets of French Chic.
Above all, I share my in-depth knowledge of French Chic and French lifestyle, revealing my passion for simplicity, elegance and all things chic.

Born and raised in France, I grew up among chic French women, learning about French Chic and elegance from a young age.

This first-hand education, practice and exposure gave me the essential foundation for my high level of expertise in French Chic.

What Students Are Saying About This Course

mahan woods

Changed my life!

This course is a must for rectangles. It teaches you methodically what to buy and look for in clothes so that your figure won’t be lost. This is very important information given the boxy styles currently in fashion. I now shop with clear cut rules...

Byrl Staples

Rectangle Shape

I cannot say enough about how excellent Marie-Anne is teaching you about your body shape. I finished the e-course and now know that when I previously wore necklines, skirt shapes, etc. that were not right for my body shape why I was not pleased...

Janet Williams

Excellent - fun, practical, and enlightening

Hi Marie-Anne, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this Rectangle Shape e-course. I chanced upon you on Youtube quite...

Deb Ross

Wow such wisdom gained in a simple afternoon.

Fantastic e course well worth the money which I will no doubt quickly save by no longer investing in the wrong items for my shape that take up too much space and mental-emotional bandwidth. Over a lifetime these savings would now be significant ...

jacqueline cade

Wow!! So much information

This was an excellent course and the book How to be Chic and Elegant was wonderful. I’ll be going back to it frequently and I have more confidence in making the right choices. What you teach is timeless and will never go out of style. It’...

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