Wear Colours Like a French Woman

Wear Colours With Chic!

In This Ecourse, You Will Learn:

How to wear colours in a way that is simple and always chic. No more multi-colour dreamcoat for you, mon amie!

This is what is in store for you:

☞   You will learn the French Chic principles that guide French women to choose some colours over others.

☞   You will discover the seven colours (five main colours and two used as accents) that French women always wear.

☞   You will be shown 118 OUTFIT BOARDS that you can recreate for yourself easily.

☞   You will find out how colours work together.

What's included?

9 Videos
2 Texts
19 PDFs
Marie-Anne Lecoeur
Marie-Anne Lecoeur
Amazon Best-Selling AUTHOR, FOUNDER of The French Chic Academy and CREATOR of EAT Like a French Woman Program

About The Instructor

My name is Marie-Anne Lecoeur and I want to help you improve your style via French Chic.

I love helping women just like you discover the style secrets of French Chic.
Above all, I share my in-depth knowledge of French Chic and French lifestyle, revealing my passion for simplicity, elegance and all things chic.

Born and raised in France, I grew up among chic French women, learning about French Chic and elegance from a young age.

This first-hand education, practice and exposure gave me the essential foundation for my high level of expertise in French Chic. 


What Students Are Saying About This Course


Confident to wear color!

As with all Marie-Anne's courses, she has added so much more than I expected to learn. Her style boards are expertly put together and help me to understand how to make this work for me and keep it in line with her Three Pillars of French Chic! Th...

Lisa Snaidero

A wealth of colour information!

This course is truly informative, it teaches you to understand how colours work together, what colours work well with each other and gives you much inspiration in using these methods when choosing items from your wardrobe to wear. This has been...

Byrl Staples

Wearing Colours Like a French Woman

This is an excellent course. It explains the colours that go well together and the reasons for how many colours one should wear as well as modules showing them; Marie-Anne in videos explaining it all. In essence takes the guess work out of how to ...

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